Váš oursourcovaný
tým vývojářů

Chybí vám zkušení lidé pro vývoj appky nebo rozvoj systému? Neztrácejte čas, půjčte si dactyláky.
 Mají roky zkušeností, pracují agilně a svižně se připojí k vašemu týmu.
Na míru vám
a vašim zákazníkům
Pracujeme rychle a držíme deadliny
Najdeme řešení, které se vám vyplatí
Zvládneme jazykové mutace i napojení na IS
Zajistíme funkčnost a tech. podporu
Nebojíme se žádné výzvy

Proč doplnit svůj tým 
o naše specialisty?

How do we work?

Let’s meet each other
We will join your team
Communicate online
We develop agile
Project is done
We will find out who you need, for what and for how long. We will build a tailor-made team for you.
Everyone has a clear role, so they do not grieve and work effectively.
We will connect to you remotely. We work closely with your team - we will become part of it.
We are used to agile development and scrum. We work efficiently and focus on tasks with the highest priority.
Dactyl mates will return to our projects. It's up to you how long you borrow them from us.

Our technology

We keep up-to-date and use technology that will work even in few years.

Our work

„"What we praise, in addition to the functionality itself, is perfect communication, following budgets, deadlines, immediate solutions to any problem, and ideas for improvement."“
Milan Paul Marketing & Ticketing by Rock For People

Add dactyl mates
to your team.
With us, your company
will grow.

Is it feasible?
How much will it cost you?
And when will it be done?
We will discuss everything with you.

What is your interest?


How can we help?