Are you Dactyl mate?

Do you like technology?
And do you want to do a job which has a purpose?

If so, it’s clear: YOU ARE A DACTYL MATE!

We may be looking for you but don’t know about it

Don’t you see a position for you? Write to us, maybe we don’t know that we need you yet.

Why us?

We have an office in the centre of the city, we care about your opinion,
we don’t do work just for work and we support education.

Your opinion is important

Do you have an idea for improvement? We will listen to you, whether it is the operation of the company or the technologies used. With us, ideas don't end up in a drawer.

We do not work for work

We make applications that save clients time, simplify their work and make money. Our work makes sense.
“I like the bunch of people who make up Dactyl. When we deliver a system or application together and see how it is used by people and it benefits the client, it is a great satisfaction for me.”
Milan CEO

Friendly colleagues, that’s the basis

We are a bunch of cool people. We talk straight and after work we like to go for a beer or do sport.
“In Dactyl we can make ourselves happy. If we are not celebrating the launch of a new project, we will find another opportunity - International Hamster Day or, for example, the birthday of the Thai king. And if something goes wrong, we do not collapse and find a solution together.”
Petr COO

Tell us what you enjoy

You start at position X and find that you enjoy Y. What now? Just say. With us, you can choose what you want to focus on.

Educate yourself, we will help you

Each of us has a budget for education. In addition, there are experienced developers and other specialists around you with whom you can learn from each other.

Interested? Apply now

Nothing is lost for asking and our interviews are very friendly.

Where can you find us?

Right in the center of Brno, 5 minutes from the Czech Republic and only one floor above a cool restaurant. (We have to take you there).

The control question - what are cookies? Choose the correct answer.

Cookies are not sweets, but text files

Chceme mít přehled, jak to na našem webu žije. Vy ale máte ve své moci, kolik se toho o vaší návštěvě dozvíme.

Jako vývojáře webů a aplikací nás zajímají analytická data, budeme proto vděční za váš souhlas.