Mobile apps,
that are worth it

We have been developing mobile apps for a few years. Using the newest technologies, so your app won’t get old in a year.
Na míru vám
a vašim zákazníkům
Celý vývoj pod
jednou střechou
Vyvíjíme pro
Android i iOS
Postavené na robustním backend systému
Každou aplikaci 
precizně testujeme
Nebojíme se žádné výzvy

Váš nápad si zaslouží appku z Dactylu

How do we work?

Personal meeting
Proposal of the app
Time to design
App development
Precise testing
Publication and distribution
Assurance and support
We will discuss your idea for the app with you in person. We are interested in what it is used for and who it will be for. We will give you a few ideas for a solution at the first meeting.
Let's start with the proposal. We will think in detail about each application screen and each user scenario. You will receive an application model from us, which you can go through and comment on.
We rely on a simple and clear design in which the user does not get lost. You can go through the design and comment on it.
We develop for Android and iOS. We work with the latest technologies to make our solution last for many years.
Do you know we have a smash specialist? Specifically applications. He tests every possible and impossible scenario and notifies us of possible errors in the application..
Done, the app can go into the world! We publish it through Google Play and the App Store, or give you instructions on how you can publish it on your own. We will also help with the distribution of the application within the company.
You will receive an assurance, service support and a guarantee of functionality of the app from us. We make sure that the app still works as it should, and we will also advise you on how to get it to people.

Our technology

We keep up-to-date and use technology that will work even in few years.

Our work

„"What we praise, in addition to the functionality itself, is perfect communication, following budgets, deadlines, immediate solutions to any problem, and ideas for improvement."“
Milan Paul Marketing & Ticketing by Rock For People

How much does a mobile app cost?

1 500 - 3 000 EUR

Oh, you are a nonprofit organization. Such a budget for developing a mobile application wouldn't be enough, but if it's for a good cause, we'll do it.

3 000 - 6 000 EUR

We will be pleased to create a simple Android and iOS application for you.

6 000 - 15 000 EUR

With this budget we can handle to make the connection to the web administration (backend), it allows you to manage the application.

15 000 - 35 000 EUR

Obviously you're serious about mobile applications. It won't be a problem to incorporate more complex functionality, complex backend, or to connect to other systems.

35 000 - 145 000 EUR

There is something big going on here. You can count on us as a reliable partner who will do everything for the success of your project.

350 000 EUR

You know what, we invite you to have a good coffee, so we can discuss everything personally :-) ...

Tell us about your project

Is it feasible?
How much will it cost you?
And when will it be done?
We will discuss everything with you.

What is your interest?


How can we help?