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Web, e-shop nebo dokonce webový portál?
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Spolehlivý web jedině z Dactylu

How do we work?

Personal meeting
First suggestion
Web design
Website development
Precise testing
Guarantee and support
We will be happy to meet you and find out the details. We want to know for what and whom the website is. We will give you a few ideas for a solution at the first meeting.
We will create a clear assignment, clarify the requirements for the website and evaluate which technologies to use. Based on the analysis, we determine the final price of the project.
We will design the structure of the website and its subpages. We will create a wireframe model or prototype on which you can test the basic layout of elements and user interface.
Our team of graphic designers will create the website design. We rely on simple, modern graphics that will fit your brand and your customers.
We will build the website on our own verified content management system. We will also take care of unique functionalities and, if necessary, we will connect the website with your information system.
With us, you know that you can rely on the web. A specialized tester and also an automatized tester will check it for you.
We guarantee the smooth and fast operation of the website or e-shop. Once launched, you will get in touch with a manager who knows your project and will take care of quickly solving new requirements.

Our technology

We keep up-to-date and use technology that will work even in few years.

Our work

„"What we praise, in addition to the functionality itself, is perfect communication, following budgets, deadlines, immediate solutions to any problem, and ideas for improvement."“
Milan Paul Marketing & Ticketing by Rock For People

Kolik stojí web?

1 500 - 3 000 EUR

With this budget we are able to create a modern web presentation with our graphic template. A simple e-shop can also be a part of it, and we can also make smaller adjustments to your needs.

3 000 - 5 000 EUR

For this price, we make customized websites, including analysis, wireframe and unique graphic template. We also count on the development of new tailored functionalities.

5 000 - 10 000 EUR

Sufficient budget for complex websites or e-shop linked to information system and other third party services. Of course there is a unique graphics, development of specific functions and other CMS adjustments. We can also link websites with mobile application.

10 000 - 35 000 EUR

We can see this project is serious. Probably you want to build a bigger custom system with a lot of specific functionality and third party application integrations. We are thrilled to take care of everything from analysis and design to follow-up support and further development.

More than 35 000 EUR

You know what, we invite you to have a good coffee, so we can discuss everything personally :-) ...

Tell us about your project

Is it feasible?
How much will it cost you?
And when will it be done?
We will discuss everything with you.

What is your interest?


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